Fish Story! Help Walter bring a lovely flower to his girlfriend Amy. Collect starfish coins and spend them for upgrades and companions. If Walter gets bumped he'll drop his flower, get it back quick before his courage runs out.  
Alien Gamers is video games related conversations recorded with a buddy of mine, debating games like Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect, and given animation. This is a work in progress and will be animated here as soon as it's finished.  
Ka-Shroom is still at the conceptual stage, adventure in the mushroom kingdom of Shroomania, go on quests and acquire mushroom pets. Title screen and music here.  
Blanketworld is the story of a young boy named Bailey who lives with his grandmother. His stuffed cat and his grandmother's creepy doll and nutcracker are all he has to play with, and every night he is whisked away to Dreamland where the natives need his help. Unlock new blankets with amazing powers and build the ultimate fortress of pillows to keep the scary stuff away. This game is in development, animated intro featured here.  
Ninjazon Gauntlet is a sexy ninja fighter RPG. Play the White Ninjazon and defeat the others to unlock their magic, gain stat points and complete achievements as you work your way to the final battle with Empress Prismazia.  




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